Apiary and Honey

Apiary and Honey is a mod for Minecraft which adds beekeeping.

Find beehives, start a colony and harvest honey.

The mod was created due to the lack of realistic beekeeping mods available for minecraft. The mod implements bees, hives, apiaries as well as utility items such as bee smokers and beekeeping outfits

The mod handles honeycombs by using Minecraft's NBT system (Nabed Binary Tag) to store information about what each comb in a honeycomb contains. Such information currently includes:

  • Honeycomb Entity Identifier (e.g. Honey, Embryo, Royal Embryo)
  • Embryo Hatch timer (Regular and Royal)

All of the items added were textured and modelled by myself using Cubik Studio and Paint Shop Pro.

Mod code developed by myself in Java 8, using the Redstone Flux energy Library by Team CoFH.

Available on Curseforge